Curtain & Blind Cleaning

Give us a call (011) 792-7703  or Mike 082 410 6170 for all your Curtain Cleaning needs we can give you a free quote over the phone or arrange to view the curtains or carpet(s).

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Our Curtain Service:

  • Counter price - self removal & attach
  • Full removal and re attach Service
  • Spot cleaning of any bad stains
  • Water marks are usually permanent
  • Fabric test for best Cleaning method
  • Dry Clean or Aqua Clean
  • Will advise on best cleaning process
  • Curtains presented in plastic tubing
  • Curtain agreement must be signed by customer
  • Minimal dry time to minimize shrinkage
  • Curtains may require steaming once re attached
  • If shrinkage occurs - curtains should be left to hang out
  • Curtains & Blinds which have Block-out linings should only be Aqua Cleaned and not  Dry cleaned

Roman Blinds need to be stripped down
Special method to removing Roman Blinds - Please inquire

Curtains and Alterations
Alterations to curtains (shorten, lengthen, minimize, new kirsh, new lining etc.)

Curtains & Blinds
Both curtains and blinds are better cleaned in water. However, 90% of the time these items are made up of natural fibre fabrics which are usually not pre-shrunk as a fabric before being made into curtains, thus they will shrink in water. We are therefore forced to dry-clean these items to reduce the risk of shrinkage, even though there is little or no water in dry-cleaning fluids there is still a very slight risk of shrinkage.

Curtains cannot be successfully cleaned where they hang, just like an item of clothing cannot be cleaned while we are wearing it. Material if dirty requires a Mechanical Action for a thorough clean i.e. a rolling action within a machine with liquid, be it a Dry Cleaning Solvent or a Aqua Clean (Water Wash).
We charge R105-00 per Kilogram. If the height of the curtain exceeds 2.8 meters (normal curtain height) you will require a special quote from the factory.

3 Options to Choose from:

Option One:     R105.00 / Kg      

Customer brings in and collects – OVER COUNTER   (All hooks to be removed)

 Option Two:     R120.00 / Kg 

Customer removes curtains and removes hooks; we collect and re-deliver to Customers house/company – customer to re-attach curtains

 Option Three:   R155.00 / Kg

 We perform the complete job         (Collect + Remove - Clean + Deliver + Re-Attach)

Note: Cotton filled kirsch and fancy cosmetic attachments will attract an additional charge

Note: Buttons, Beads, Sequence, rope, lace etc. attached on curtains cannot be guaranteed and If the cleaning process requires that they be removed, an additional cost will be levied

Note:  On the R155.00 Option, Total amount of job will only be given once curtains are at our factory – counted – weighed and classified.    (cost incurred already R17.50 per kilogram)                                    

Note: Curtains CANNOT be cleaned on the rail, as this is NOT a mechanical action clean

 Call Out: Fee applicable > 15 km

We charge per size for roman blinds and an additional R45-00 per rod and R45.00 for the wooden batten usually found in the bottom of the blind. These Rods / Battens require to be removed before cleaning.

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